Lanxi Hongtai Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.Founded in 1990, it mainly produces nut tapping machines. It is one of the earliest companies involved in the development of fastener production equipment in Wenzhou. With its own unique technology and experience in this field, "reliable quality, durable and easy to operate" is a consistent feature of our products.
    With the development of the company, "Lanxi Hongtai Precision Machinery Co., Ltd." was established in Lanxi City in 2003, covering an area of ​​26,000 square meters, with advanced mechanical design, manufacturing, processing technology and high-precision processing equipment. Specializing in the production of various types of standard and special-shaped nut tapping equipment and nylon anti-loosening capping machines and other processing equipment, 



    Application Area

    We are committed to the development of fastener production equipment, and constantly open up various professional processing equipment fields to meet customer requirements.

    It is suitable for all kinds of machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, machine tools, mold (factory) machinery, plastic machinery, printing equipment, packaging machinery plants, construction and construction machinery, automotive motorcycle parts, aircraft engines, rolling stock, tobacco machinery and general machinery Processing of fasteners and other parts in the manufacturing industry.


    7Service Commitment-Building Well-known Enterprises

    ⒈Perfect pre-sale service, scientific planning equipment configuration plan
    ⒉Provide adjustment services during new product development
    ⒊Provide sufficient spare parts for life and technical consulting equipment free warranty for one year
    ⒋On-site installation and commissioning for customers
    ⒌Responsible for customer training and provide technical support for life
    ⒍Once a failure occurs, we will respond immediately and deal with it promptly.
    ⒎During the equipment operation period, we will make regular customer return visits

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